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I work for a company that is basically "you dont leave till the job is done" type of deal. So basically, you don't leave until everything is done or upper management calls it and everyone can go home. Some times you work till the morning before you get to go home.

My problem is this. Let's say you work from 10AM-4AM the following day. So for the first 8 hours from 10:00AM, you get regular time. Anything after 8 hours is overtime and anything over 12 hours is double time. Our company tells us that double time ends at 12am because it's another work shift. So anything after 12AM would be regular time since it's a new shift.

I heard that double time does not end until your work shift has ended (clocked out). So no matter if you're working until 7am the next day, you're still getting double time pay after 12am.

Anyone know which one is correct?
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