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Has anyone seen a B16A1 in a REX or HB pass the BAR test in CA?
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where was this? and they didnt mind the fact that it was JDM?
Ohio - no state emissions laws, only by county

and that easy to get aroud

its possible to get it certified by the ref by getting a carb sticker from them for the motor but this is pretty hard to get
But Has anyone seen a B16A1 get past the bar test in california?
I have seen a JDM b16 pass in a 94 integra, I don't see how a CRX would be much diff, since it's the engine, not the car (we did go threw hella shit with the smog man though, and cops always give us shit, as usual)
what the smog man didnt believe the bar sticker?
as long as the motor is the same year as the car or newer it will pass. given that it looks alright and nothing like a bunch of wires all over the place. The JDM will pass but you need to have the motor's emissions set to CA state regulations. hope that helps.
well that aint true because they run the block numbers......i have my appointment scheduled for 3/16 to get my LS certified......
good luck the with the certification
I live in San Diego, and it was very easy for me to get a carb sticker, though my motor is a B18C. However, I know other people who have completed the process with the B16A. Did I mention the CRXs in which the motors were placed were made in 1988?

I did have to show a bill of sale for the motor though. Be prepared for that.
were they B16A1's that passed?
Yes. Sorry, I forgot the 1.
so wut did they say when they ran the block numbers?
Well, I can only speak from my personal experience, as the person I know with the B16A1 went through the smogging process prior to meeting me.

When I went to the smog station, I explained that my car was a hybrid. The man looked over the motor to see if the cat was there, if it had the proper control devices for emissions ... he even checked the carb number for the headers and intake. After passing dyno, he placed the bar code sticker under the hood which identifies my car as having the 96 GSR motor, and the bolt-ons.

By the way, Mr. Smog Man said I was not allowed to have an adjustable fuel regulator on my car, which I did. He overlooked it for me. I can't promise you the same reaction, but good luck anyhow.
oh yea have you seen any ZC's pass the BAR test?
Shit, I haven't seen any ZCs period. Sorry.
CRuXifixion said:
he placed the bar code sticker under the hood which identifies my car as having the 96 GSR motor, and the bolt-ons.

I didnt kno the 96 GSR had a B16 i thought the early gsr's had B17's
If you'll read CAREFULLY at my first response, you'll see that I stated my engine is a B18C. It may seem as though it doesn't apply but realy, it does. The fact that you want a B16A in your car is only half the information we need. The year of your vehicle is what will determine whether or not such a motor can pass smog. As UltimX stated, your engine needs to be the same year as your car or newer. I simply gave you additional information about what to expect as I relayed my story to you.

I said, the people I knew with B16A1s had CRXs that were made in 1988.

By the way, I just smogged my CRX again yeasterday. No problems.

I hope I've clarified things a bit.
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