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CAI=bad gas mileage?

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Man since my install on the CAI from AEM my gas has been poor could the result of better air going into the engine give it poor gas mileage? I mean more air=more combustion correct? I'm getting like a stinking 18-20miles/gallone in the city driving. When I press on the gas hard for a full tank every so often then my mileage drops even more like 14mile/gallon. It really stinks! I put in premium one time and calculated it for some damn reason I got back up to 25mph/gallon in casual city driving and hard driving here and there. Does anyone know the answer to this?
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Yo man, that seems really weird. Did you reset your ECU?
If not, that could be a cause, also......when a CAI is installed people tend to step on the gas a bit harder to "hear" the intake and the engine. Im not saying you are doing this but it is a common occurance.
Also, you might not want to up your octane rating unless your car specifically needs something like premium. Im running 87 octane and getting about 25-30mpg now with my CAI on a 91 Accord.
I hope some of my babbling can help..........also there are other variables that could affect your MPG ratings such as fuel filter, plugs and wires, etc........
yeah its weird......

Yeah, it's weird! No offense taken on the gas stepping yeah I did it when I first got and it was loud and it was kinda cool, but I have stopped doing it. I have recently changed my spark plugs with wires. No, I only did the premium thing onces to see what happens and stopped after that to try to figure out the problem not avoid it. I have had my CAI for about 4 months now! Does the cone filter get dirty faster than regular filters due to sucking in more air? I have not checked how dirty it is lately maybe thats the problem who knows? I"m just trying to figure it out.
The filter COULD get dirty quicker but it depends really on where you live and what the conditions are around you.
Some of the guys here on SHO clean the filter at the end of summer and at the beginning of say......spring
Then again it really all depends on many factors.
Try this man, disconnect your battery for 15 minutes.........then reconnect it. start your car and let it idle for 5 min DO NOT touch the gas. Then turn the car off. Wait about 5 min or so, turn the car back on, reset the clock and see if that helps your mileage any.
To clean teh filter, i recommend buying a filter charger kit or something like that. 4 months of use huh? okay well unless you are always driving through dust clouds I dont think it would be immensly dirty. hahahaha
Also check to make sure you have done all your recommended service checkups and maintainence, these small things and some of the larger ones can really make a difference in the way your car performs.
to be honest.......

To be honest I do drive through dust storms. Here in arizona we have something called monsson season and its' dust storms instead of like hawaii rain storms with winds. We have dust storms with winds it happens for like 2-3 months it was a month before monsoon started and is ending or has ended. I should check and get to ya about this.
reset u're ecu like he explained above
Maybe you're taking in too much air and not spitting out enough? Get piping and exhaust with headers.
its because ur stomping it alot more to hear the CAI roar.
pboilee: Uh, NO that is not why he gets bad mileage. hahahahha
If that was the case, when I stuck my intake on.....i would have gotten seriously crappy MPG.

Bonestock has a good point because i used to do that too. hahahah

Jocktheglide: Take a look at your filter, go get a recharger kit if needed. Then also reset your ecu as i said, those should yield you some gains.
hmmmm,... i have a ice box and my milage has actually improved :) so i guess a lot of it is mentally??
CAI was actually proven to increase gas milage. the problem is

CAI = Cool Noise = Addiction to cool Noise = Foot on floor = bad gas milage :)

With intake headers and exhaust and my wife driving my car it get's great milage, almost 30mpg average, with me driving it, I'm lucky to get half that, just did a 14.6 gallon fillup today with 197 miles on the trip meter :)
I checked.....

I check my intake filter today and it looks like crap! There is dirt like brake dust dirt all over my filter. It's probably all the dirt accumulated over monsoon season! Man, its' nasty filthy!
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