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CAI ???

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Just learning about performance mods... Have 95 EX Accord. I'm interested in fabricating a cold air intake. Where does it draw in cold air from? From the kits I see, it looks like intake air still comes from the engine compartment (hot). I don't want to get intake air from the fenderwell and suck in water on rainy days, but what about ram air intake? Does this negatively affect any mass airflow sensors, etc? I'd really like to set up ram air...
Also, I notice that the CAI's do not use the air intake resonator (???) you know the part that connects to the intake between the throttle body and airbox. Since this connects to the ECU does it cause nuisance check engine lights or negative performance if it is disconnected or removed? Help!
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i have AEM CAI and have no problem with lights no
short rams suck...why draw hot air when you can get it cold with CAI
and ...yeah it takes it from inside the bumper...right next to the wheel well...also for you to suck in water you need to completely submerge the filter...dude that is quiet deep ...unless you plan on crossing mountain streams dont worry about it
and of course if you do plan that ...than just get a bypass valve or something
have fun
On the accords, a CAI doesn't sit anywhere near enough to be a real problem if you don't fjord rivers. The bottom part of your engine will be submerged and the water will be coming in from the bottom of the doors at about the same time the CAI filter goes under.
If you're really worried about any engine problems then do what i did and get a short ram. It's not like the short ram on the 94-97 Accords sit right by the engine like I've seen on some civics, it's by the far front right corner of the 94-95's and on the far front left on the 96-97's. I've had mine for a while and noticed an all around difference after reseting the ECU. You're not going to notice hardly any differnce between the two, the short ram is cheaper, easy to install, and sounds great. The short ram for our accords isn't really all that short, it's a pretty good distance from the engine. I'm not dissing the CAI, but if you don't have the money for any screw-ups........ but it is overrated Good luck on your decision.
CAI is the way to go by far. i drive through raIN all the time. again u have to submerge the filter. it works like a straw. just go buy a nice CAI. u will be very happy :) no lights will come on either.
Ram airs are just as good as CAI, just cheaper. Once you are driving the temp in the engine bay will be with in a few degrees of the out side temp. if you want to test this, get a indoor out door thermometer from radio shack and put the senson by the intake.
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