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To anyone out there that can help me, THANK YOU. I'm stressing over this because I just want to get my car back on the road.

That being said:

Currently I have JDM B16, and I don't know that will pass the visual inspection etc. because I have no idea how anal the ref is in my area. I also have a spare USDM GSR Block. In order to pass the visual I am contemplating putting the B16 PR3 head on the GSR block as it has the complete stampings as that should automatically.

The block is a 1994, the head is clearly stamped 93. I'm wondering if I would pass the visual with this configuration or if that might cause a red flag for the ref, any help is greatly appreciated. And for anyone that reads this too quickly no this is not LS/VTEC....just a PR3 Head on C1 Block.



******FEEL FREE TO DELETE******* Got GSR head yesterday super cheap, it's getting some refreshing done to it.......

I have about a month in which I'm going to try to finish this, I'm waiting on a few more parts to appease the ref.
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