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cam questions. do jdm sir1 cams have different specs as US b16a3 cams

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i heard that JDM sir1 cams have different specs than US b16a3 cams from civic si(even though they make same hp). does anyone have specs on these cams. i could get a set for very cheap and need to know if they have better specs than my sir1 cams.
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the sir (88-91) b16 has the "weakest" cams out of all the b16's. This is what i've heard over time, but i'm not completely sure about it. The SiR II cams are actually better than the first SiR cams. The SiR II motor actually has a few improvements that the 1st gen motor doesn't have (oiling). But one thing that i know for sure, GSR cams will give you a lil bit more power than any b16, other than B16B, camshaft.
b16a3 is a delsol , not a si :)
LAblue said:
b16a3 is a delsol , not a si :)
actually the B16a2 also came in the del sol in 93:)
what would be the best cams to get for a b16a1, na setup has to be streetable, aftermarket or oe I can get just about anything i need


CTR intake/ITR exhaust
for NA, you could get CTR, Skunk, Crower, or even Toda spec A but you would need springs and retainers for any of these cams. alos typeR intake manifold and cam gears to dail in the cams. you could also get a spoon head gasket for a little more compression to get full advantage of these cams. then get vafc to add some more fuel.
im getting a set of 99 si cams and cam gears for 75 bucks they supossidly have the same grind as one of teh 2 ctr or gsr.. and im getting a itr intakemanifold and tb from acura dealer. use that discount i get
JDM_SOL said:

actually the B16a2 also came in the del sol in 93:)
actually i was talking about the b16a3:) like i said , its a delsol engine :) you wont find it in any si :)
is there any specs different between b16a3(delso) and civic si(i think b16a6).
B16A3 from the sol and the B16A2 from the 99 SI have the same power and torque ratings. I really think the only difference would be one is obd1 and one is obd2
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