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IHIPrelude94 said:
Subaru WRX STi and Lancer Evo MR thrown in for fun

2005 GTO - 0.88 Skidpad
2006 Mustang GT - 0.89 Skidpad
2006 Corvette Z06 - 0.98 Skidpad
2005 RSX Type-S - 0.86 Skidpad
2005 WRX STi - 0.92 Skidpad
2005 Evolution MR - 0.93 Skidpad

Base Price
2005 GTO - $33,500
2006 Mustang GT - $24,995
2006 Corvette Z06 - $69,995
2005 RSX Type-S - $24,140
2005 WRX STi - $32,870
2005 Evolution MR - $36,074

City Gas Mileage
2005 GTO - 15mpg
2006 Mustang GT - 17mpg
2006 Corvette Z06 - 16mpg
2005 RSX Type-S - 24mpg
2005 WRX STi - 18mpg
2005 Evolution MR - 18mpg

All facts pulled from C& So as to your argument, the STi (being one of many japanese cars that these muscle cars are supposed to be better than) get's better gas mileage than any of the 3 you mentioned, outhandles 2 (Only outhandled by the car that costs TWICE AS MUCH), and is cheaper than 2. Evolution does the same thing, only it is priced higher than only 1 of the american cars mentioned.

Why do we modify our suspensions? Because they can be made better. Are you telling me that every American muscle car owner that owns either of those 3 cars would NEVER modify their suspensions? :lmao

And the only one of those cars mentioned comes close to the RSX TYPE-S' price is the Mustang which is still almost a grand more. Not to mention that a Base RSX can be had starting around $20,000...


Well, in the 3 magazines I've checked so far, all 3 say that the 05 Evo MR does 9.5 on the skid pad. The new Evo 9 has a slightly longer wheel base which results in the Evo 9 putting down the 9.3 skid pad.

But anyway that's beside the point.

This is my thought on the subject. A fast car deserves respect. PERIOD. No matter if it's from Japan, America, Europe, or wherever. With that being said, I personally like american cars better, but have no problem at all with imports. I've owned 5 turbo DSM's and several american V-8 muscle cars.

America, specificly GM, has and continues to make high tech overhead cam engines. But they put them in their Cadillacs. The Northstar V-8 has legendary status because of it's DOHC structure and all aluminum construction. However the Corvettes, and Camaro's are pushed by pushrod loving car guys. So it's not really a question of engine size or technology because GM proves they're willing to build either one.

The japanese tuner cars started off as someone already said, econoboxes. Over there in Japan it costs a small fortune to own, operate, and park their cars. So they make them smaller for parking, easy on gas, and cheap to build. So adding 200 or so HP to these small light cars make for quite a thrill.

So when you factor in power to weight ratio both imports and domestics = a fun driving experience. As long as your happy with the car your driving that's all that counts.
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