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Camber kit for $20?

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Why most people sell camber kits for REAR only?

They are cheap like $20.

Should I buy them?

I need them cuz I got 17's and will drop a car 2 inches.
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95civicEX said:
honestly you may not need them, my buddy dropped his 95 protege 1.8" on some 17's and didn't have any visible camber at all....

of course he totalled the car 5 days after getting all that put on, but that's a different story :rolleyes:
GhostRider said:
o.k. here you go man
the reason why progess and ingalls sell REAR camber kits for like $20 is cause YOU DON'T NEED TO BUY IT!!! look in your garage, do you have washers??? 2 inches you said? o.k. instead of BUYING a rear camber kit, take two washers and put them on the bolt behind the rear wheels. this will correct the rear camber.

as for front, this is why the front is more expensive. you can't do the "washer trick" to the front. you actually need the "wishbone" arm and the camber kit to correct the front.

DON'T BUY A REAR CAMBER KIT!!!! all they will send you is a bolt (which you already have on you car) and a couple of washers (which you can get for like fifty cents at any hardware store)

good luck man

Instead of buying a rear kit, do I need to buy a front kit?

I don't have enough money.

I think I will do "washer trick" for rear, but how about front?

Will shop do custom job for me?
Ingalls are easy!

I just bought a front/rear Ingalls camber kit for my car. I easily installed both of them in like under 2 hours. I mean its really easy. Then when you get your new wheels, take it in and get it aligned it will be easy for them to align it with the kit on and it will be done right. I wouldnt reccomend the washer thing because its very inaccurate, but do what you want. The rear camber kit is not just a bolt and some washers. You would have to see it to understand. If anything, install the kit yourself and get it aligned. Dont have a shop install it, or you will pay a lot.
wait till your car settles 2 weeks, get it aligned see how bad the camber is then go from there. that's what i'm going to do unless my car is really not driveable after it's dropped (doubt it).
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