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hello all,

do you think i need a camber kit for both FRONT AND REAR?

i have a 99 base lowered with prokit/agx. here are my current spec after getting an alignment.

-left front's (-0.7) camber is within the spec but the right front (-1.5)is not!

-left (3.3) and right (3.0) caster is not same and not within spec

-left (-0.04) and right (-0.03) toe are very close and are within spec

-left rear's camber (-1.4) is within the spec but right rear (-2.3) is not!

-left (0.06) and right (0.10) rear toe are within spec

all you experts! help!


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I think I answered this one before. Anyway-YES you need Camber kits and the Caster is just fine actually. Let me point out that although the Caster is out of spec for a 5th gen Base it is only going to cause the car to handle a little differently-closer to an SH. Mine is at 3.8 degrees and works just fine. The key with Caster is to have both sides as close a possible to each other. This can be adjusted on the alignment machine with shims on the radius rods.
Now to the Camber. It is best to do both sides front and rear. In your case (very similar to mine) you will need to look at Ingalls 3571 and 3573 for the rear kits They have different ranges and will bring the back inside of the range to about -0.8 degrees or so. For the front end I recommend that you consider doing both sides with Specialty Products #67135-they have a range of +/-1.5 degrees (Kit I'm using) and they can be used to aid in adjusting Caster just a tad too. Toe-in adjustment should be done to factory spec BTW. In case you are wondering my car is on Neuspeed Sport/Koni "yellow" shocks and has stb's front and rear and has virtually no tire wear even after several very hard track days on a new set of RE730s (205/50ZR16).
Got Q's-drop me an e-mail.
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