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Cams/Head Swap

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Yes i was thinking about also doing a swap with my cam. Will i need to change anything else other than just popping out the old cam and putting the new one in? Also could i put a Vtec came in? Or would i have to get the head also? Another question is can i put a VTEC head on a non vtec block? If so what do i need to do? Also what cam do you recommend.
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um....what motor is this for?
Sorry about that

1991 CRX SI. Sohc non-vtec. D16A? I think
the camshaft swap depends on a few things.
how old is the motor? if it's beat to all hell and on it's last legs then installing a performance camshaft will do you no good. also the valve springs could be worn out and not want to work as well as they should.
how wild are you going? a stock d16a6 will only take so much before you need to rebuild your motor to get the most out of the camshaft.
the vtec cam will not install in to your d16a6 head. there are various rocker-arms, oil passages, switches and misc "stuff" in a vtec head that is not in the d16a6 head. you need the vtec head, the vtec solenoid, good instructions, a few hours and patience to get a mini-me setup working.
i'd recommend the camshaft i'm running. i've probably recommended this camshaft to about 30 people running d16a6's and there are probably people here who know what cam i'm going to recommend. go to and look for "delta camshaft". you'll find the cam grinders i'm talking about. they'll sell you a good solid performance grind for about 100 dollars for your car.
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