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I have had performance problems I solved mostly but I do not know what to do next. :confused

The difficulty starting especially cold starting in cold temperatures and the delayed acceleration and other acceleration problems and the temperature gauge goes up when stopped at lights. I replaced the radiator, radiator caps, radiator fan, transmission hoses, and I switched to NON Ethanol Fuel.

There is a huge crack in the upper radiator hose. The car's performance improved 82% but I do not know what to do next. Will a bad temperature sensor cause difficulty starting? When I replace the radiator hoses will it improve starting and performance? Does the cracked hose let air inside the radiator?

After I replace the cracked hose, I will do other routine maintenance. New Oil, Oil Filter, Air Filter. What Else? Should I replace Fuel Filter? M.A.P. Sensor? (or just clean it?)

1994 Accord EX Wagon

(and yes I will spend any amount to keep my cars no matter how old)
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