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Can a gsr sedan outrun a 00SI?

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Is it possible?
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i would have to say the gsr with out a doubt.
Yeah, the sedans only weigh about 60 lbs more than the coupes, at least in G2's.
Yes my mmmoney is on the GSR Si's are way overrated
i agree gsr would prob win. mostly depends on the driver though
GSR, but i personally wouldn't mind an SI, its much faster then what I have now....:D
G2Integrity said:
Yeah, the sedans only weigh about 60 lbs more than the coupes, at least in G2's.
yeah 3g is different. gsr sedan weighs about 130-150 lb's more than si.
Well guys I can answer this one! I have a 95 GSR sedan and my BA friend has a 99 SI. I would so whoop his ass in a race. :D We havent ever raced, but I thought I should mess with him while I have the chance. BTW anytime he wants that race, I will hand him his ARSE. You got that SuperblueSI! :eek:
BRING IT BA!!!!!!!!!!! I would not be talking bad about me. You know better than that. I will hand you more than your @$$, you little punk. You might want to take that baby seat out before you take me on! LMFAO!
Hey MAN! Thats TWO baby seats! I had better leave them in the for weight otherwise you dont even stand a chance! BA!
I was just worried you were giving me to much help, with that big fat gut of yours.:D
That applies more weight to the front wheels bro. Makes for better take offs! :D
Not if it flattens the tires!:D BA!
theres no way you lost to si unless your driving skill sux

i will Vote GSR !!!
way to go baby~
'97 GS-R Sedan here, back when all I had was CAI, I walked a SI with Intake and exhaust (not sure about header but its possible) and another SI I know had I/H/E.
I've walked plenty of 2-door GS-Rs to for that matter. The weight diffrence on 2 and 4 doors is barly if not noticable IMHO.
How can you guys talk like a GSR will destroy an Si. Its only ten horse difference and to the wheels that aint shit. I think it totally depends on the driver. Im not sticking up for Si's just cause I have one, but please be realistic. And whoaduck, learn how to spell. Later
1 - 20 of 47 Posts
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