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Can anyone post pics of silverstone metallic & sebring silver metallic?

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My car is going to be one of these colors in a few months. I had already made up my mind on the silverstone metallic, but I seen the new sebring silver metallic the other day and liked that too.
Anyway, thanks in advance.
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Thanks :D

i think I'm going with the Silverstone
sebring is on the left i think check it out at the darker one is the sebring which has a bronze color to it. silver stone is the 2000 model and the sebring silver is the 2001-02 model.
I had silverstone metallic and i think white looks better. But ofcourse somebody has to have yellow so i had to take that task. darn
so is silverstone metallic the lighter s2000 or the darker s2000????
sebring silver is the lighter one, my dad has a sebring silver NSX and it looks tight, imo sebring is better than silverstone.:D
your car got totalled? what happened, diamondstarwhat???? what are you gonna do with the parts on your car? let me know if youre selling them
yeah that shit got totalled about a week and a half ago. the majority of the parts have already been sold and the others have people waitin on them. at 1:30am some random **** ran into my car moving it a good thiry feet forward from where it was. the frame and chassis is bent beyond straitening so they considered it a total loss. it got pretty fuckered up i was extremely pissed off to say the least. but its cool im getting an EG Hatch soon hopefully swapping in either a B16A2 or B16B.:)
tell me what you got left... im interested...
all thats left are the seats, basically all interior parts, no real performace enhancing things, already sold everything i had on the car that was Apex, sold the motor, there is nothing (i dont think) that you would want. sorry...:(
About two weeks ago, I was driving around 1am, probly a little later, who knows...
I slammed into an eclipse.. I think it was a 95... Man, that thing flew about 30 some feet. I walked away scot free.
By the way, I hope they catch that loser...
heh, what a coincidence (just kidding).
well i got my $16,500:D i talked to the sack of asshole and he didnt want to go through insurance so he paid me more than the price i bought it for! a lot more (paid around 11K) and he hit me in a 2002 CL500. he came to pay me in a 2001 esclade on 22'' rims. i think hes a drug dealer:)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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