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Can I use these Valve Springs in my H23a head?

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Im having headwork done soon and a guy has some Type R valve springs available for cheap. I've seen them already and they are new. Will they fit on the H23a head?
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Not 1100% positive, but I will have to say no. Totally different engines. Especially the head. They would be too stiff for the factory cams.
thanx.. I was tryn to think about it also and I leaned towards the idea of them not working well either.. even if they did I couldnt over rev still.
I believe that they will fit b/c i know a guy who had them in his H22a motor so i would think they would fit the H23a b/c they fit in the H22a but i am not a 100% sure and i am not a mechanic.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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