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can u get nos and turbo at the same time

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It has to be tuned *extremely well - with a stand alone management system - if you have to ask - you probably dont wanna try it...
you would deffinently need an engine rebuild to take that kind of hp and it would need to be tuned pretty damn well to run both at once. but if your talking like a 20-25 shot just to spool up the turbo then it doesn't take as much work.
pushVTEC said:
but if your talking like a 20-25 shot just to spool up the turbo then it doesn't take as much work.
yeah, that's what I was gonna say.
yeah thanks for the advice. what gives u the best performance nos or turbo
Turbo or NOS up to you ;). Personal one is more expensive then the other. NOS is a cheap way for high end proformance. Turbo is a little pricy but its not so uncontrollable like NOS rap around pole stories =/
Yeah, nitrous is cheaper but you need to refill your tank and you can't run very long off of it. Turbo costs more but you always have the power.
nos and turbo isnt that bad of a combination, :) check out F&F :)
nos will you give you more bang for the buck, but you also have to figure the power isn't always there like a turbo. and after aboue 2-3 mins of juicing maybe less it's time for a refill and that's $30 right there so that will add up.
yeah you can do it (turbo and N2O), and many people do it too. I beleive Push said it...most people who do it use the N2O for the turbos "lag" while spooling. But I'm not sure on whats a safe shot on a turbo . I would think any normal size shot just because if you have a turbo it should be pretty well built up anyway (your engine).
yeah thanks,

hey Zexed-hx my brother has a mustang gt and soon to have a zex kit on it . its in his room right now just waiting to go on
sweet....I'm sure he'll like it. I don't think I've ever heard of anyone not liking their zex system
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