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Can u help me....

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Okay i have a 94 accord that i got into an accident with last year...i have a 92 hatch that i drive around now...but the thing is the accord is my first car...i waz thinkin about sellin it for parts but i really want to make it into a project along with the can be an issue but i'll make it the front end of the accords is at unbearable sight right now...but then i waz wondering maybe i can buy a clip from jap and do it from there. but then how much would it cost...i jus want to have my accord back...but if u make an offer that i can't refuse on some parts well its me at [email protected] if want more info
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the thing is what is all messed up on ur accord? If its the front end and lets say engine jus get a front kit which ever u like and slap that baby on. You want to make the accord a project car so if the engine is messed up go find yourself a h22 and drop it in ur car like it nuthing!!!! but also it all depends on what is messed up the call is yours.
well if ur getting a claim for the accident, and ur engine is ruined and so is ur front end, use the money or whatever you have to swap in an h22 (2400) and just get a decent looking body kit or even just a front bumper...simple as that:)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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