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Can't decide which headunit to buy. Help!!!

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I have a spending limit of right about $400, since I am getting a hookup from a good guys employee that will take 40-50% off the price, so instead of $400, i would pay about $200.

Now, here is the list i have in mind. I DO want an MP3 player, and I DO want it to fold out like the Alpine CDA 7977, which is my first thing on my mind now. Also, I want sound quality for my $. Can anybody help me choose between these 4 ones I listed below? If you have any other headunit that you would strongly recommend, please list it here.




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It sounds like you have already decided on the Alpine. I would skip anything by Sony, I've had many problems with thier headunits. I also like Kenwood, but I would put the alpine a step above (although I hate the looks of the alpine)
Yea, I choose that one.
Well, i am gonna have to wait till I get some more $ for it. Will be like $325.
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