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can't make up my FREAKIN mind!!!! b18c5 NA or b18b Turbo?? help!

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alright Here is the deal. I bought a b18b ls engine thinking i'd swap it into my EK and do turbo but then I think twice becuase I found this deal for a 98 Integra Type_R JDM engine with only 23k miles on it for 3g's complete! :D
but if it were up to you guys what do you think I should do? I could probably sell the ls engine pretty easily for what I paid so thats not the problem here.. but should i go NA with b18c5 or go Turbo with my b18b1? i want power but not with all the hassles of tuning a turbo or whatever! help me out guys!
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if i were u....i would by the swap for 3g's, and sell it for like 4500. with that money i would build the b18b and boost the shiet out of it.
It seems you don't want to put up with the hassle of tuning a turbocharged car... Go for the B18C5 NA setup... you will be surprised how much power you can get out of it in NA form... Also the menacing VTEC engagement is to die for!!!
Well here's another option. I saw a couple ITRs down at the NOPI Nats this past year that were turbo. These cars were putting down great numbers since they've got the high compression, but low boost so not to blow anything up. I think if you were to able to fortify the block enough, a high compressioned turbo car would be very nice, fast and reliable.

Just my thoughts.
Yeah I thought about selling the JDM type r engine for a profit but I dont want to buy the engine till I know I have someone who will buy it from me.. where could i sell it? thanks
You could sell it anywhere! People chomp at the bits to get their hands on a "lower" priced R engine. People are so hyped about that damn engine, sell it for 4K and make and grand off of it. Id do it, and if I really wanted that engine, I sure enough would buy it. A complete Type R for 4 grand is CHEAP! But I want to go boost, so no thanks:D
selling a complete b18c5 swap for 4500 is decent price in cali. if u sell out of state u can jack up the price. i remember someone who wanted to buy my sohc vtec head alone for 250. motors are scarce in the u might wanna try there. a 1500 dollar profit sounds good enough for me. try posting an ad in the recycler or parts trader and see what happens.
The B18c5 would be a sweet motor, but if you wanna go fast, boost the b18b. That car has lotsa torque, and with that T04e ;) fatty turbo that will be under the hood, you will have no competition. But buy the motor, then sell it, and then use the profit moolah to build the LS.
b18b turbo more power for the price plus boosting the type r motor is asking for detonation with that high of compression without building it
the JDM ITR engine is has the code B18C, while the USDM version has a tad less hp and is dubbed the B18C5. Sorry mate, you're getting an engine from stateside. Still, it's an excellent engine. I say go for the B18C5 - save up and THEN turbocharge it.

Just because the B18C5 has a high static compression ratio doesn't mean it's going to detonate with boost. With proper tuning, engine and fuel management, you can safely boost a high-CR engine. Not to diss enging building or anything, but it's really a matter of how well you can tune the engine to handle boost.
Yes finally a message board with some people who know what there talking about!!!! high comp. doesn't mean you can't boost its just more meticulous tuning but it is possible anything is possible especially if you got CASH!!! look at meguiars ITR bone stock bottomend and its running a turbo and a supercharger!!!!!!!!!!!!people stop living in the past with 8.0 to 9.0 comp. pistons just to run 12lbs. of boost NOT even 1 whole bar on your boost gauge!!!!!!!!!!why even buy a boost guage ?COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
id say the swap is stolen. could also b a GSR motor with a skunk2 mani and red valve cover.
Go all motor.;)
A boosted 18b will outrun a b18c, but the R powerplant will be a lot more fun to drive. Plus, where are people finding all these powerplants?
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