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Hi guys,
2013 Honda Civic Si,

I went to the gym today at 630, returned at 730, and tried to leave for work at 8:00. The only difference, is that on my return trip it was raining very heavily and I drove through probably around 12in of water for 10 seconds.

When I did, I found I was unable to shift out of neutral into any gear. I am able to shift gears while the car is turned off. The car lurches forward/stalls if I attempt to start the car in 1st gear (and I am unable to change gears after).

The clutch does not seem to work. The gas pedal works.

There seem to be numerous occurrences of this happening, but in many forums users are calling it hardware malfunctions rather than water damage (but that makes no sense, how I was able to drive to the gym just 30 mins before?)

I saw this reply somewhere else: "Well it turned out to be the water from the massive deep puddle after all. The clutch plate stuck closed the way your brakes sometimes seize on a bit in wet weather. I started the car in gear and it just freed itself instantly with a bit of a bump. Took it out for a spin and all is well again. THANK FECK lol" (starting in gear didn't help me)

I live in the south, so maybe I just need to give it time (100deg F) to dry up and it should work fine again?
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