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Well I have decided that I no longer need a really loud system in the civic so I am seriously considering selling my equipment.

Here is a list of what I have and what I am asking. Everything has only been in the car for 2 months and I still have all the boxes and packaging to go with everything.

Pheonix Gold Xenon 200.4 Amp $300
Pheonix Gold Xenon 100.2 Amp $200
Audio Control 3.1 $175
Diamond Audio 6.5 HEX Components $225
3/4" MDF Sealed Sub box built to correct volume with dk grey carpeting with 2 Infinity Kappa Perfect 10s $300

Everything is like new and has not been abused I can provide pics for anyone serious. If someone buys both amps together I will include the 0 Gauge Stinger power wire with 200 Amp fuse and holder and the distribution block.

I have feedback on Ebay for anyone needing to verify my trustworthyness.
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