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Car is rattlin like crazy!!!!!

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sup guys....Has anyone ever heard of anyone having to pull out the axle and suspension in order to intsall turbo..well i have..fukin dumbfuks. Never will i go back to that shop again...anyways..the fukers that did my turbo took out my suspension to install turbo and now every time i go past 60mph my dash and whole car shakes like crazy. Also whenever i make a right turn my drivers side starts makin this thud thud noise. Does anyone know how i can fix this and why its doin it.?????
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maybe they royally screwed up your alignment when they did that... could that be it?
check your cv boots and make sure they are not ripped and the lubricant is gone and check the axles ...
if it makes a thud noise then it could be that they messed up your tie rods. they could be loose, bent or broke. Is your alignment good? The shaking your feeling is either a inbalancement of the tires or they installed your suspension incorrectly?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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