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Car Pics

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Most are probably tired seeing it, but tough:D

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The interior was about $1795 from Kreative. They were rewrapped, and I don't know about keeping it clean because I haven't driven it since May. I'm stationed in Japan right now. My parents just picked the car up from LA last weekend and drove it back to NoCal.
Hey LX98, you got that pic. I only found one post on ********* where I had that pic, but I don't think that addy works. You happen to know where it is?
I think this will work. For all the haters:D
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Dang, aint that some shit
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LOL...okay...I think this will finally work.
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Why do you say that?
You're right biggie
Thanks...I really like the white rims too. You guys know those are just photoshopped right? I'll probably get some new rims later on after I get some other things done.
1 - 9 of 30 Posts
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