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Car Pics

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Most are probably tired seeing it, but tough:D

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not my style...
those rims are hilarious...
Why do you say that?
The chrome ones look like some sort of flower. I don't understand why you'd have a rim with more spoke area than free area. It just looks silly, imo.
very nice

looks real nice with the white rims, but the chromies are nice too, its all personal taste looks like a show car so chrome looks good, well in my opinion anyways.
You're right biggie
looking good! the only thing i don´t like is the rims.:cool:
The car looks so much more complete with the white rims.....

very very nice interior I must add :)
Thanks...I really like the white rims too. You guys know those are just photoshopped right? I'll probably get some new rims later on after I get some other things done.
21 - 30 of 30 Posts
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