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Carbon Fiber & Gun Metal.

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I have been thinking about this,
I had my current setup for about 2 years now, and I think it might be time for a change...
Do you guys think I should go for this changes? or should I keep it clean as it is now? :)



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i own a silver teg... also and thats the look im going if im going for it........ it must look bad ass!!!!!!! ;)

yeah i want to get a carbon fiber hood and gunmetal rims for my silver teg too.......(but i wont have the cash to do that for a LONG time) it a nice jdm feel to it....
Nice! I think the gunmetal look sweeta! I would stay with the clear corners but make sure you have the orange/ amber lights.:D
count me in for the change... looks nice...
That looks good. I'd go for the CF hood and gunmetal rims if it was affordable :).
ok what did you do to change the color was it a website or photoshop? just curious its tight with the gunmetal and carbon fiber, or did you actually go and buy the stuff and slap it on? just curious id like to be able to experiment with my ride too hehe cange colors and ish holla
I am sure he did it with photoshop.

And keep the clear corners. They look better with the silver car. Orange is too much of a contrast.

Looks good.
Thanks for the comments guys.:D
I did thechanges with Microsoft Picture it 2002
except fot the Carbon Fiber Hood, that was done with Photoshop
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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