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CaRBON FIber hood issues!!!

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I have a carbon fiber hood on my 01 accord coupe and i wanted to know is there any way for me to have to where the hood stays up by it self rather then my just standing there and holding the hood up??????
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u have to go buy a hood prop off of a 4 banger..

shit, all i did was go and buy the rod from honda..and i keep it in my trunk when not in use.......hahaa
Thanks man, thats not a bad idea how much do the hood props cost?...and do u think theres any way i could drill a lil bitty whole on the skeleton of the hood so that i could keep the hood prop on the hood like always??
ey how much is a carbon fiber hood..wat kind do u have?

how about fiber images..but i checked theri site and they dont have an application for our much would theirs be?
Fiber Images has an application for our car, but it's no on their site. Call them.

I have TC spoiler one and like it alot.
InPrOgReSs is your hood all CF, or do you have a fiberglass skeleton? Also, are the edges wrapped? How much did it run you?

I'm looking into getting a new hood myself. BTW, why can't you use the stock hood props?
The Stock hood has a little ball on each side that stick out. The hyrdolic pop ups clamp on to that, the CF hood doesn't have the ball on each side to hook it up.
i dont really know about the skeleton and what not but my hood is completey carbon fiber, but besides the hood prop, is there any way to have my hood stay up rather then holding it up?
how fast should i go on the road if i dont have my hood pins on my carbon fiber hood installed yet??...i mean it is on but all thats missing is the hood pins i mean ive hit 60 so far and it hasnt flown off so how fast could i go?...considering that there isnt very much wind??
i dunno....i think the oem latch is good long as u dont open and close your hood alot. some of my friends have had no problems with their hoods, others on the other hand have seen their hoods fail on the freeway resulting the slamming against the window.
as for me, the first thing i did was install some hoodlocks (similar to hoodpins) for safety sake.. as for how the hoodpins look like..i think they look good.
dont worry tho, the hood isn't heavy enough to do damage to your window if it fails, but u will crack the edges of your hood though..hahaaa....

so my advice to you is get hoodpins..dont listen to idiots that say hoodpins aren't needed..cuz its your car and your hood. u gotta remember, that your hood's skeleton is fiberglass, not METAL...

oh yeah, all manufactures say you don't need hoodpins, but they recommend why would they say that??? so get some hoodpins...and be safe mang.
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