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Carbon Fiber Wings

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I am in the market for a wing cuz I got the body kit and the rims I need to finish the outside off. I see now that they make "apr" type wings in carbon fiber. I want to get one that is red and black carbon fiber to match the hood I just got. Does anyone know of anywhere that sells or could make one? Thanx:D
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FiberImages makes a carbon fiber wing. You can also get most of their stuff in red/black, blue/black, and green/black. check out
yeah they said they could make it, for $500!! I don't know if I should blow $500+ at least another $100 shipping to AK, or just get the saleen wing.....:confused:
Don't get the saleen wing man.....I don't think it would look right on your car....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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