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My 2018 FIT EX's Carplay (with iPhone) display is freezing during middle of driving now.
Started notice about 6 month ago when apple map was not updating.
It usually happen first 1~3 minutes after starting up the car.
when unplug the cable from iPhone few times (this also restart the Carplay), it will start to working correctly.
I switched to 4 different iPhone and 2 new cable, but same no response from display once it is frozen.

Thing is Carplay Map display is frozen but it still speaks when it reaches next navigation point (like "Turn right in 100 ft.")

I tried few recommendation from internet search but still same.
  1. I deleted the CarPlay settings from the iPhone and set them back up again.
  2. Uninstalled and reinstalled Maps on iPhone.
  3. NEW lightening cable from Apple.
  4. Have updated IOS to latest version
Do any of you experience similar problem? Any solution on this?
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