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Catback Dilemma

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Ok ... i need people's help. Im decided between the DC sports, Tanabe Hyper Medalion, Apex'i WS. I really wish RS*R still manufactured their catback! Does anyone have experience with any of these exhaust systems? Added performance, sound, fitting, look? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Right now im leaning towards the Hyper Medallion because of how much it retains the stock look for my 94' LS.

BTW - does anyone know anything on the HKS silencer/axel-back? It looks pretty nice but too bad its not the full catback. Thanks!
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Well I know more about performance catbacks for the ITR and NA built GSR's but, as luck would have it I used to own a 94LS and had a Greddy EVO. It was nice but was kinda annoying on longer road trips. It didn't provide any performance gains but it was nice. 1 bad thing about it was that it rusted near the welds on the cannister after about 3 months.

This months issue of SCC provides some insight into what and why they chose an Apexi WS. Basically because it is similar to stock diameter and sound with as they say,"the tone is deep and rewarding, never intrusive" Don't know how true that is but, their philosophy when building the Civic is a functional road car.

And Yes it is too bad that the RSR is no longer imported. It is however still made in JDM land if I am not mistaken. You may be able to import it through a reputible shop.

Another route is to get a new or used Integra Type-R exhaust, which fits all your wants and needs AND is a genuine honda part and not obnoxious at all.

Above all I suggest taking your time and studying all the information you may gather before purchasing and installing. I do have to respect someone that is making an upgrade and NOT trying to shake all the windows in the neighborhood and set off all the car alarms as he/she passes. So Kudos to you.

Performance mufflers are a different story altogether. If thats your fancy I was able to mentally retain a good amount of info on that subject since that might be a next mod for me, but not neccessarily.

If the sticky posts and tech archives were here like before, I would have told you to SEARCH. But your mind and intentions seem to be in the correct form so I hope I did or can help you a little?

Now the best way I recently deduced for listening to catbacks was to visit a few import rallies/meets and or car shows, and actually hear what the things sound like. This is the Only way I could possibly think of getting a true impression of various catbacks.

Good luck, and just ask anything you like.

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DC sports are supposedly full stainless steel, so you won't have any problems with rusting if that is a concern of yours. I have a GReddy EVO on my integra and it hasn't rusted and it has been over a year now.
I really wish RS*R still manufactured their catback

Did you know that the Skunk2 exhaust is made by RS*R?
Here a link for you!

This is a link you may want to look at for an RS*R exhaust! Hope you find it informative!:D
Thanks! you guys rock! You all are really helpful, deMad10 whoaduck, and especially 1Greyteg.
This is what this board should be used for.:eek:

Let us know what you get!:D
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