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a friend of mine wants to make a purchase, on a exhaust...
any suggestions?

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I have the greddy Evo 2 on my 03 spec V. Its real nice and quite. The only complains that I have with it is that its hangs pretty low after I dropped the car with Tien S-Tech springs. Daily driving its fine but on some speed bumps I will scrap the bottom of it.

Nismo S-Tuned $700
The Nismo S Tuned exhaust is nice but hella expensive. The look pretty good and have a nice sound to it. Its not soo loud a little bit louder than stock at cruzing speed. It gets louder at higher RPM, but not like a ricy high pitch. Unless you really want the Nismo name you can get similar or better system than the Nismo.

5zigen Fireball $ around $490
I believe the only system by 5zigen is the Fireball. Honestly I think it looks hella ugly for a sentra because its looks too small for our cars. It would look nice on a CRX or other smaller cars but if you look at pics on a sentra it looks funny. I havent heard how this sounds like.

Greddy Evo 2 $450
very nice looking and nice sound. Its a single 3 or 4" piping. Not very loud but noticable at every RPM. It has a low rumble to it. It dont get as loud as other exhaust when you gas it all the way.

Apexi WS2 $400
Another popular exhaust similair to the Greddy Evo 2 but the tip is smaller and muffler itself is smaller. I havent heard this exhaust myself personally but a lot of people claim that it is similar to the greddy.

Stromung Exhaust Engineering $600
Some people claim this is the best performance exhaust for the car. It looks just like stock with the dual tip but the muffler itself is smaller and its more shinier than stock. I havent heard this exhaust before but people claim this is a pretty loud exhaust

Magnaflow $430
Single tip exhaust system. Dont know much about it because I didnt really care about it.

TruBenz custom exhaust around $200-350
Many people are happy this this company. The are a small company that makes custom exhaust. You can buy the pipping what ever size/tyle of steel for $200 shipped and buy your own muffler. Or you can buy one with a single tip Managflow exhaust for about $350 shipped
I was going to do this but I got rear ended and got my greddy evo for free.

Those are the most popular exhaust system that I can think of at the time for the b15 body. If you have any other question just ask or PM me since I dont go in this area that much.
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