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CF on my 99 Si front lip?

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Does anyone know how or if at all possible to give my Si front lip a Carbon Fiber look? I've seen those Carbon Fiber lookin sheets that you can put on certain things...but is there a different way?
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come on people?!!!
You could paint it black?
There really is no way to make it look like carbon fiber. A sheet material would look like crap, and eventually would peel and whatnot.
although i agree with Bizwhap you might be able to find a carbon fiber vinyl sticker sheet like at a sign place? i'm kinda stretchin for that though....
good luck, sounds like a good idea ;)
thanks guys...I wish I could paint it, but a local Honda dealer wants to charge me $120. Thats another lip you know?! I have to find somewhere that will do it for cheaper.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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