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Changed turn signals to LEDs

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I replaced my turn signal lights in the rear with red LED turn signal lights....the hazard lights flash correctly but when I use the turn signals (duh to make a turn) they flash fast in the dash....which I can only assume that they flash fast in the tail light too. Why do you think that's happenening? Is it because of the capacator in the LED lights?
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you need to replace the flasher in your car with a heavy duty flasher... you can find one at a parts store...
that should help... that's what i did with my truck
okay not a turn signal, but when i changed out my brake lights to led on my 4g, i had a problem too. from the outside, everything looks fine. from the inside, when i step on the brakes, the busted brake lamp light comes on.
They make heavy duty flashers for Preludes?

Or is it a different flasher all together?

Any idea on part numbers?
I have the same problem, the hazards work fine, but the turn signals are like hyper flashers. Been like that for 5 months, I'm too lazy to fix it, plus it really doesnt bother me that much.
Different current draw = different speeds the lights flash.... I think you need to get some sort of electrical device that can calm down the drain or speed it up.....inline with your wires....or there could be something blown....

Sorry I have no clue what to use inline , but I remember someone doing something like this or you can just buy one of those signal flasher changers , that allow you to adjust the speed of your turn signals....

You can find those in like SCC.
Yeah different draw....but isn't it less with the LEDs?

Nothing blown....when I put my old bulbs back they go back to normal.

if I put a "heavy duty" flasher thing in will it fix it? The only ones I found said "electronic flasher" and ideal for towing only cost $8.00 I guess it wouldn't hurt to try. I'll do that and update later.
Are you pretty happy with the LED lamps? I haven't heard much good about them. What brand? Where'd you get 'em? Thanks!
PupaScoopa said:
Are you pretty happy with the LED lamps? I haven't heard much good about them. What brand? Where'd you get 'em? Thanks!
Other than the fact that they have a flashing problem I'm happy with the color and I'm getting Amber LEDs for the front turn signals and white for the parking lights.

Brand is APC (I hate to admit it)

But LEDs last longer and are colorfast compared to incandescent bulbs. I might replace my brake lights with LED bulbs eventually too...

I haven't changes from stock colors at all except clearing out the ambers from the tails and making them red LEDs.
the heavy duty flasher is what i used in my truck, b/c the lights were hyper fast...

i'm not sure if one is made for the lude...
check with autozone or something... see if they have em... sells the led's in 1157, 3157, 7440 and 7443 style..

there are alot of bulbs that cross over into those styles...

2057 and 1156 can use 1157
3057, 5156 can use the 3157...
they have led 194 (168) wedge bulbs too... red, white, amber
im having a problem with trying to put LED's in the turn signals..but they won't turn there soething that i have to do?..thanx
Its just the relay for the turnsignals, it should be the black box on your fuse panel, they sell them at walmart, pep boys, and auto zone, for $5-6.
gotrice1022 said:
im having a problem with trying to put LED's in the turn signals..but they won't turn there soething that i have to do?..thanx
LEDs only work one way...if they aren't broken flip them around and they should work....

I think I've found a solution to our problem too...

the 5th gen flashers are electronic therefore they flash by filling a capacitor and discharging it. LED bulbs do not have the resistance necessary to slow down the fill rate of the flasher, whereas the incandescent bulbs do...

The normal bulbs are about 20-27 watts and about 6-8 ohms
The LEDs are much less in both readings (they didn't have a significant ohm reading on my multimeter....

So the solution is to make up the lost resistance of the original bulbs. Now here's the hard need to find (4) 20 watt 8 ohm resistor or (2) 40 watt 16 ohm resistors

if you get the (4) resitors they'll be about 3-4 inches long and you need to hook them up to the rear signal lights, two in each signal

if you can find the 40 watt 16 ohm resistors then only one will go on each side....

Remember: This fix is only for those who have replaced ALL FOUR SIGNAL LIGHTS in the 5th gen lude with LEDs.

I've found the 20 watt 8 ohm resistors online at radio shack...

This wouldn't be too much of a problem if they had heavy duty flashers for the lude....or the accord....I think they use the same flashers.....
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I've found the solution to all the fast signal flashers from changing to led bulbs.

I bought some 50w 5 ohm resistors....they are anodized a gold/yellow color from Newark supply.

I paid about 4.00 a piece. I've gotten them inline with my blinkers and they have fixed the fast flashing effect.

I accidently ordered 2 more than I needed and am willing to send them to some who wants them for $10.00 total.

If anyone has LED bulbs in their turn signals and they flash fast this is the cure. Contact me at [email protected] and we'll go over the transaction. Remember I only have one pair of the resistors so first come first serve.
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