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Charging system Problem? HELP! My car won't start w/o a jump but headlights work fine

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There have been foglights *mounted* on my wifes car since she got it (back about 5yrs, before I met her). But somewhere along the line, the lights got disconnected.

So, last week I went searching for the wires and bought a switch to get them work'n (her brother took the old switch).

I see both lights are grounded, and have a power cord (GREEN) running to the cabin, along with another power cord (RED) in the same "wire loom". I trace the red back to where it was unattached, near the battery (w/inline fuse).

So, I hook up the RED wire to the battery and wire the 3-prong switch as below:
Power//|===Red wire to battery
Aux /////|===Green wire to fog lights
Ground/|===*did not connect ground wire since lights were
----------- already grounded. *mistake?*

The switch was supposed to be an "illuminated" rocker switch. But when I turned it on, it didn't light up...I attributed this to the lack of a ground wire.

I kept the lights on for maybe 10mins w/o the motor running. or Key turned "on".

When I went to start the car, it wouldn't the battery was dead. So I had to get a jumpstart (from my Eclipse).

I connected the Ground wire, if hopes of not draining the battery, as well as having the damn switch light up....but, the switch did NOT light up as planned(fog lights worked though), and the next morning, the car wouldn't start....Jump start AGAIN.

It's been about a week since I disconnected EVERYTHING....all power to the foglights is disconnected...

The car starts in the AM kinda roughly (gotta crank over a couple times)....but if I turn if off (like today at the gas station), when I go to turn it back on.....NOTHING HAPPENS!!!!!

Could I have wiggled loose a wire on the alarm???

Because the lights and everythign works....door chime, stereo...ect.

And there's no "Clicking" sound from the starter.


All I need is a quick jump start from another car and it starts right up.

Any ideas as to what's wrong?

BTW, there's a little hole-shaped "window" that's supposed to show "Green" if the battery is in good condition, or "Red" or "Dark" if it's in bad condition, and right now it's Green.

If it's not the battery, what could it be?

I checked the Ignition and starter fuses...both fine.

Any ideas on what to look for?
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Damnit, it happened again last night!.

At about 8pm I went out get bulbs at Pep Boys, car started after "cranking over" a couple times.

At about 8:50pm, I was leaving the store and get in my car. I turn the key, and it made about 3 *tries* to start. Then NOTHING. Like it was dead or something.

So, I walk back home.....all ~4miles (I'm in the Valley where it's f'n cold at night also :mad: ) , to get my car, pick up my wife, and go jump-start the Accord.

Well...we get there, I pop both hoods, get out the cables. And before I even start hooking the cables up, she starts the car. WTF!!??!!

WTF could it be?

Is it taking 1hr to build back up enough juice to start the car? How is the battery "recharging" when the engine isn't running?

Anybody?????? :(
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i am not really sure but it could be the alternator. I have the same problem but it doesn't happen everyday. I think my blinking alarm light and my security light on my cd player is running down my battery. But i am not to sure.
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