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chasis bent??

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hey everyone, I have a weird problem with my 93 Civic EX coupe...about a year ago, i got into a accident which messed up my right rear quarter panel...pushed it in a good foot and a half. After i had it repaired, i noticed that my rear was riding a lil lower than the front was. I swapped out the old suspension for a set of groundcontrols w/Koni Yellows. car ran perfect for a few months but it was still lower in the rear than compared to the front. Then slowly, the rears tires started rubbin whenever i hit somethin like a dip in the road. problem is more pronounced now than b4. Now the car sits with practically no fender gap whatsoever in the rear but the fronts are jsut like they were when i installed the supension about a 2 finger gap....all 4 corners were set at their highest perch setting..could my chasis be bent somewhere thats causin this? if that is my problem could it be fixed and if so how much? Thanks for any help!
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all depends..maybe you just need to replace the rear trailing arm...time for you to get a Haynes manual for you car and inspect each dimensions for chassis damage. Its gonna be damn hard to see that kind of damage on a naked eye! good luck!
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