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Currently we have a custom turbo kit buy going on, where you choose from a selection of parts for each aspect of a full turbo kit.
For example,

*Max-Rev Manifold ( B series )
*RevHard Downpipe
*Tial 35mm Wastegate
*Garret T3/T4 Turbo
*RevHard Piping
*Max-Rev Intercooler
*Apex-i Blow Off Valve
*Hondata 2B
*Stainless Braided Oil Lines

All for only $3172 shipped Where else can you buy a kit of this quality WITH a Hondata 2B included! This is just an example setup, you can choose from a variety of parts made by Max-Rev, RevHard, DRAG, Apex-i, Greddy, Garret, Hondata, AEM EMS, HKS, and Turbonetics. If you already have an intercooler or another part, no worries, you can order a kit without one for a lower price. We have a web calculator so that you can see exactly how much a kit customized by you would cost without having to wait for an emailed price quote. The custom turbo kit pricing is available at if you mention that you heard about it on Superhonda in the comments I'll be sure to throw a little something extra into the deal Please feel free to email me any questions about the custom turbo kit at [email protected] - Thanks!

We also carry full turbo kits from a variety of manufacturers, please send inquiries to [email protected]! Thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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