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I posted this on the V6 forum, because that is what I have (2002), but I kinda need an answer quick, so hopefully no one will get mad if I bum some space here too:

I'm not too engine savy, so bare with me here.

I was driving to work about 15 minutes ago, and half way here my car through a check engine light. The TCS was then lit, and the D4 light was flashing. If I drive in D3, put it in park or whatever, the D4 light would still flash. When I got to work, I turned the car off and restarted the engine. There is no longer any D4 light flashing or TCS lit, but the check engine light is still lit. I'm assuming this is a code or something?

I turned the stereo off so I can listen to the engine. When I was at a stop light, and went from start to go, I did hear a clunk sound. However it was very faint and could have been my imagination.

The only modification I have done to my car with the exception of my kick ass stereo is a Cold Air Intake.

All help appreciated, thanks!
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