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Check Engine light on!?!?!??!?

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Ok... I will make this as short as I can. you can read my mods in my sig. I came home from philly 3 weeks ago and it had rained here. I got in my car and started it. It sounded like my intake was gargleing. and my engine didn't seem to fire right. A few days of nice weather and my engine light went off and everything was fine. It rained and the same thing happened... gargel ..engine light..then nice weather and all was great...then a few days ago my engine light came back on... but it wasn't cause of rain. my car is gargeling and I think either my filter is shitty...a spark plug might be bad... or some type of air/fuel mixture problem .... how can I get my car checked by a computer ... and how much would it cost... thanks ALOT peace
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you can do it yourself. the local library will have instructions on how to make the engine light flash at you and then you jsut countand look it up. if you brought it to my shop, we would probably charge 1/2hour. which would be $25. might be morewherever you take it. Some places will check it for free
Autozone (at least here in will tell you what code your CEL is throwing and what it means for free.
check engine light

14 bucks.......... haynes manual. got everything you need to know. there's a little harness above the ecu in the pass side kick panel that has two wires in it. it's gonna be a green plug and I think a black and a brown wire....... not sure on your body style, but that's what my 95 is... anyway, you put a jumper wire across those two wires and then turn the ignition to the "on" position. your check engine light will stay on constant if there are no problems and if it sees a problem it will start flashing. the haynes manual will give you the full list of engine codes and tell you how to read the flashes. this is also how you adjust your timing if you have v-tec. if you don't jump those wires, you can move the distributer all you want, but the timing won't change. just a lil' tid bit of info for all you v-tecers out there. good luck. L8z
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