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check engine light

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i just finished installing my turbo kit. I was driving around town and the check light came on. Also my A/F gauge was reading lean. any how i reset the ECU and rechecked my work oil leaks, vaccum, ect... then took it out again. The light came right back on after 5 mins. Can it be my check valve? The car still pulls hard even with the check light on and the A/F gauge reading lean.
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did you just put the a/f gauge in? if so, check if its wired right... if not, then i dont know... but also, maybe that could be because of a weak fuel system... you probably need to get more fuel to that engine... btw, disconnect your negative battery cable for 30min and youll be good with the reset ecu...
I rechecked the check valve, blew in on both sides and reset the ECU. Took it out again today. No check light and the A/F gauge just bounces around like it should. i think its time to upgrade to a HONDATA ECU.
My car throws a code 22 if I boost in 5th very long and sometimes if I just run at 0-2 psi in 5th for a period of time. I know 22 is vtec selinoid but not sure whats causing it. It won't rev over 7k when the light is on but if I turn the key off teh light goes away but if I check my codes its still there.
it wont let you go over 7k b/c once the check engine light comes on the ecu puts the car in default mode and sets everything up to minimize the potential of the motor until the problem is fixed.... i dont know why your getting the 22 code but i hope you know no matter what you will have a check engine light when you install a turbo.. usually its caused by o2 sensors but a vtec solenoid is a new one on me... who installed your kit...I would get that solenoid checked out and take a look at the check valve or missing link... also check the fmu... take a look at those two first before you check the solenoid...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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