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Check engine light!

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Since tuning with power fc + commander is done,
the ce light flashes at alway the same rpm:

I let the revs climb to, let`s say 3500rpm and leave off the gas while gear is still in. The revs drop and exactly at 3000rpm I can see the light flashing for a little part of a second...

I saw it also at 6000rpm while revs falling slowly..

I need some ideas regarding the cause..

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This is just a guess.

When I was taking long left turns uphill at high speed near oil change time, the check engine light would flicker. It turned out to be loss of oil pressure from all the oil in the pan being pinned to one side during the turn. I would guess that you are having an oil pressure drop after you left off the gas, and that is causing the flicker. Just a guess though. A similar thing happened when I had to hit the brakes hard from a high speed. Hope this helps.

but I think that isn`t the problem...

I think the oil-check lamp would flicker if it was the oil pressure.
It doesn't stay on, just blinks a little???

I am guessing it is just a glitch in the wiring of the Power FC. I would say reset your ECU, but I wouldn't want you to f--k up your settings for the Power FC.

If it stays on, I'd be concerned, I wouldn't sweat it.
It sounds like your car is pinging. (Power FC can detect whether you car is pinging or not, while the standard ECU can't)
What else do you have on your car besides power FC??
If you have things like cam gears and stuffs, you should get them tunned properly in order to avoid the serious problem by engine pinging.
Also the fuel you are using is important too.
I also have a power FC on my car.
Before I have a power FC installed on my car, my car was pinging too. And now, it is not pinging badly, (everycar is pinging. am I right??) cuz I just got everything tunned properly with power FC.
I also had a check engine light flashing, but never stayed on about 2days ago after I drove my car a bit hard.
As it doesn't happen and stay on all the times, I wouldn't worry too much.

2000 C/W ITR 350
5Zigen fireball cat-back, ART intake pipe with K&N, Mugen radiator cap, Mugen thermostat, Mugen 4-1 header, Carsound 2.5 " hfc, Apexi power FC, Cusco oil catch tank, Cusco brake stopper,TODA cam gears and sprayed wheels in matt black.
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wat i cant understand is why the check engine light would be activating if the car was tuned properly!...okay fair enough that the standard ECU cannot effeciently detect pinging as the power FC can.....although it can be a bit worrie-some (if ever thats a that the check engine light flickers!.....

I dont know if this is a trend when installing and tuning aftermarket i would be intrested if other types of ECU's have the same characterisitcs!

Thanks guys

I hjave AEM-camgears and crower 63402 cams.
The crowers come with an instruction and I won`t go above the instruction by turning the camgears to the wrong direction (maybe you know the use to crack if one does this).

The light definetly flickers at 3000rpm. Only flickering, nothing more.
I have a set of JUN2 cams here and get them installed these days.. then we`ll see how the CEL behaves.
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