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Check it out Twin Turbo VR6 Drag car!!

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Check it out in car with the TT vr6 on the 1/4mile look at all them damn gauges!!! The bov sounds sweet along with the turbos... I WANT ONE!!!

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damn lots o gages
no shit huh
ya i have that video that car is wild sounds awsome to fuck if i had that many gadges id sit there saying what the fuck to many
Let's be honest do u really need that many gauges??
THat car seems like it's faster the 12 sec look at the cones they're rippin by.
yeah thats exactly what im thinking, that looks hella faster than 12 seconds
i'm not 100%, but dubsport is famous for putting 2 motors in cars, so it's possible that it is a twin engined car... not sure...

but if it's tt, it may be the one that they did where they put the vr6 in the back of the car... they are good at that kinda stuff..

and come on... the skyline has a 40 page screen you can scroll through in the pod in the dash... and there have been skylines with center consoles filled with gauges... it's no different...

how bout this one?
Yeah it just looks like there is more because they are all side by side. Allthough is there really a need to have all of those.
DAMN i want my car to sound like that! :D :p

hell ya thats faster than 12sec. it looks like an all out Drag car to me.. striped interior..

tight vid though!

ya i like it one of my favs
The car is Twin VR6 turbo, meaning two engines with a turbo on each engine. That's why all the gauges. 2 sets of gauges cuz of the two motors. Oil pressure engine 1 Oil pressure engine 2, etc, etc, etc.

Bad a$$ IMO.
I agree with the "damn that's a lot of gauges" business. :D
shit thats alot of gauges ,that thing rips shit seems quicker then 12 secs.
The car sounds like a monster.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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