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Chek this VW!!!!

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GOOD NEWS TO Volkswagen friends, bad to BMW, MB and even Boxster drivers: Volkswagen has just shown “ein starke Studie des Golf”, as the Germans say, a 4 WD, 240 bhp, 18 inch-wheels Golf.

Of course the obvious name of the car is Golf RSi, but have another look at the official Volkswagen image of the car – the number plate is WOB R 32, “WOB” for Wolfsburg, the home city of Volkswagen, and R 32 for the name of this rocket. (R 32, almost like the American bomb plane B 52 – do you think we are right?)

The engine is the 3.2-litre narrow V6, we know from the New Beetle RSi (and this car is actually named RSi...), but in the coming Golf it is tuned to 240 bhp compared to the Beetle’s 225 bhp.

Transmission is a study worth, 6-speed manual and 4WD – 4MOTION design. Even the wheels are big stuff, 18 in O.Z Supertourismo looking-good-wheels and 225/40 ZR 18-tyres.

Officially this is a Concept Car; we think it will go into production next year.


· Volkswagen Golf R32
· Concept car
· 3-door Volkswagen Golf
· V6 engine
· 3.2-litre
· 240 bhp
· 6-speed manual

1) Looking like any other Golf – but beware, it isn’t.
2) O.Z Supertourismo wheels, 18 in big.
3) Leather cabin, 6-speed, blue figures.

ohhhh god!!!

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beware of this VW insanely fast!!!! in all ways!
When is this thing supposed to be out?
Wow that car is going to be nice and quick. Looks very nice too.
Nice, too bad I don't like VW's..just my humble opinion....;)
v00tecsi said:
When is this thing supposed to be out?
i dont know i think is a prototype!:p
That VW is Freakin SWEET!!!!!!!
I will tell u one thing. That car will never hit the US with 18" wheels on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1Fast99Si said:
That car will never hit the US with 18" wheels on it!
you can say that again!
SuperBlueSi said:
That VW is Freakin SWEET!!!!!!!

the Driver's Edition coming to the U.S. with the BBS 18's.
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Nice man i like that Gti.....
Optional 18"s will come to the U.S possibly and i highly doubt it. Why would VW want to be responsible for bent rims under warranty all the time??
danmakG60 said:

the Driver's Edition coming to the U.S. with the BBS 18's.

That is tight!!!!
I'd take one...what do you guys thing about Audi A3??? I think Audi will bring it here to go against BMW's 1 series
I have seen the A3 when i was in Europe. Very hot car! Even hotter is the S3, if that car comes over, it will take over the 30G sport compact class!!!
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