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Chip and FPR

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how long ago did they swap the boards around again, had to redo my username again and lost all my posts :-(

Anyway, Im thinking of getting a SuperChip and a Fuel Pressure Regulater, Anyone know if these make much difference.

Cheers guys


Dam. no sig again... ummm

Civic VTi B16A2, DC 4-1 hedder, K&N CAI, De cat pipe, S/S exhaust, SPAX Suspension. Put proper sig back later!
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any ideas on the chip and regulator....please!!
Im not a fan of the chips. THere are some out there that are good, but Companies like JET are a scam. If I were you, I would get the VAFC and something like the ITC. You can fine tune it yourself and keep changing it for any mods. The Chip will be set at one set map, and might not work with your mods.
My inital reaction to your mods is that they aren't going to do dick all for difference.

I've never known anyone with a super chip personally but I have it on good auhtoirty that Honda's tuning is one of the best in the business. The guys I have heard with chips suffered terrible gas mileage and were getting beaten in races by guys with stock setups and they exact same car.

As for the FPR I don't see how changing this is going to do much unless you have forced induction where you actually need extra fuel.

If you do decide to try these mods please keep us posted on how they go for you.
Thanks for the replies :)

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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