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Chips and computers

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all of my friends who don't have honda's have been buying chips for like $150 and have been gaining alot of horsepower and getting there governer and rev limiter taken away. I have looked for chips for my prelude now for about 3 months and can't find anything good. Does anyone know of a good company that makes chips for my car or do i have to get a whole new computer. The only one i have thought was good was the stage 1 or 2 hondata computer. let me know
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the only one ive heard of is hondata too. i think AEM has one coming out as well.

ive heard that hondas have such good engine management systems that there is no gains to be found in chips. Volkswagens gain like 40 hp from a chip but hondas gain very little unless heavily modded.
I don't think anyone on the market today can chip prelude's ECU. You can use P28 or P72 ECU with hondata. Or use a piggy-back fuel controller.
element h22 said:
get a v-afc...
yeah...lightly modded hondas do best from piggy back systems like the V-afc or the S-afc. i saw a dyno of a lude with a V-AFC and at one point in the rev band it gained more than 30 hp. you have to get it tuned though...
Depending on what you are are running under the hood or plan on running determines what fuel management kit you should get.. If you are going to be pushing some serious horsepower and have turbo or supercharger then you should get the hondata or aem (hondata i recommend), if you are running something mild or nitrous I recommend the v-afc, that is what I have and when properly tuned on a dyno is very very effective, plus is ten 3 times cheaper than those hondata ones. But the hondata is a full replacement and removes rev limiter etc. Superchips also makes a chip for the ludes, but don't know how effective it is.
If I were you I would get the ecu remapped I think jet performance can do prelude ecu's, even obd2... I think a Vafc is an ok option but don't expect 30 hp from it cause we all know thats not possible even on a heavly modified prelude. For the most part Vafc's are more show than go. It really is too bad hondata does not make a direct plug in system for our ludes cause they offer the most bang for the buck by far....

Anyone with an obd1 integra or civic can plug in the hondata stage 2 system for about the same price as a vafc!

I just got my hondata stage 3 and its not the cheapest way but it is the right way for me: (I've got a ton of mods going in soon)

Here's a rundown of what you'll pay if you want a hondata:
You'll need:

An OBD1 ecu : p72 or p28 from$100 - 400 depending
Adapter harness: obd2 to obd1 around $220
And the hondata: stage 2 $345

This is still cheaper than the more extensive AEM system which has goodies like progressive boost and nitrous control, that system retails for I think around $2000 US

I think your best bet is to try and get the your ecu chipped still but I warn you try not to completely remove your rev limit as it is there for a reason....... The last thing you wanna do is blow your engine cause of a miss shift, and we've all done that before.
And the Vafc will help you smooth out your power band and gain hp although without a dyno your just guessing on settings and gains?
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Volkswagens gain like 40 hp from a chip
-for Turbo VW's & Audi's
hmm, I havent looked in a long time.
But I remember seeing expensive chips by SuperChips. And you can send you ECU's into places like Gude to have it re-mapped specifically to your mods.
yea jet offers the upgrade for the lude, i ordered it and it was back order for 4 months so i cancelled the order(never buy parts from, long story), i think its off now, this chip is easy, though you have to send your ecu to jet, but it requires no dyno, jet does all the work and you just plug it back in.
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