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civic ex vs civic si

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00 civic ex (auto) with i/h/e and t3/t4 turbo vs 00 civic si with just i/h/e, which do you think would win?
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civic ex
how much hp can you gain from the turbo?
you mentioned on your first post
about an ex with i/h/e and a tubo. a turbo car does not have
headers, it has an turbo exhaust manifold.
and there is no intake. just a filter on the turbo.
usually a 40% increase in horsepower if you turbocharge.
but i dont know if thats with an intercooler or with any other mods.
sorry about that, i'm still learning about turbos. i started this post because my bro has an ex with i/h/e and he is trying to decide if he wants to turbo his ex for trade the ex for an si. thanx for all the help.
heh, get the si and turbo, because after all its an AUTO ex, and auto's suck, unless you spend like 20grand high end automatic shit
That will be a good race. Ex but it will be very close.
The EX of course!!!:cool:
Just curious... did you or whoever by chance beef up that auto tranny/tc??? i'm curious to know how long the torque converter will last when a turbo is slapped on there. Basically the TC is functions somewhat like a clutch in a 5 speed. Everyone that throws a turbo on a 5 speed, seems to throw a new clutch on right after.
anyway, peace
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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