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Hello, First off let me say ..yes I did search..I just didnt find an exact answer to my questions..I purchased my little brother a 91 Civic Hatch and need to install a new system(it has nothing currently) I know very little about what to use I have a 92 Dodge Stealth TT and I just threw in an Eclipse HU, four Infinity Kappas and a Infinity Basslink and got all the sound I need..but this Hatch is going to be different I fear..My liitle brother listens mostly to Rap /Hippity Hop..I have some questions and hope someone can help me I can choose the Headunit easy enough but need to know acouple things like

1.I noticed there is little to no room in that Hatch..what do most of you guys install back there? Small ported box?Bigger sealed box? he needs to keep use of his rear seats..
2.Where the hell do you install 6x9's in the rear? I see no place..could I mount some of those 6x9 carpeted enclosers on top of a sub box?
3.What size speakers fit in those door panels?

Thanks for any far as cost is concerned I really dont want to spend a ton on a box..but I need to purchase one as I have little time to build one..what size pre built would fit nice back there?

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