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ok, on a 1998 Civic HX, if i had a 1994 Integra LS
- Hydraulic Tranny (Y80, S80)
- ECU (P75)
- Axles
- Shift Linkage
- Stock Motor Mounts
- Alternator
- Starter
- Clutch
- Flywheel
- Intake Manifold
- Exhaust Manifold
- Fuel Rail
- Injectors
- Distributor
- Engine Harness
- Comes With All Sensors Needed

... anything else that i should need? Will the engine just drop in? And if anyone knows the emission laws for UT, or where i could find out about the legality of the swap.. I would appreciate it. Thanks for your time people.

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You'd be better off in the Hybrid forum
Things that come to mind are:
if you want A/C you'll need a DOHC A/C compressor bracket that fits an EK engine bay - off a del sol or Si
And you'll need the LS throttle cable
Keep those integra half shafts handy too - I kind of mixed and matched with 1 CTR and one GSR half shaft for my swap...see what works best.
You'll also need the rear motor mount off an Si.

I think that should do it.....Vtec wiring...
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