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This thread is intended to cover regular maintenance items for civics beyond the basics. Many of these items may not be thoroughly stressed or explained in the helms manual. If there are any topics that you would like added, please send me the info and it can be added to the list.

Pulling code on a Check Engine Light (CEL)

List of CEL and trouble codes

Bad Idle Troubleshooting

Flushing Transmission Fluid

Flushing/Changing Coolant

Cleaning your Idle Air Control Valve (IACV)

Changing your primary O2 sensor

Adjusting your Ignition Timing

Helms Idle Reset/Adjustment Procedure (96-00 Civic)

D-Series Timing Belt Replacement

How to bleed your clutch

D-Series/SOHC Valve Adjustment Procedure

B-Series/DOHC Valve Adjustment Procedure

Special Tool for B-Series Valve Adjustment

Performing a Compression Check

Performing a Leakdown Test

Other Resources/References :
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