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civic question

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ok my bro's 1990 civic si hatch driver side seat belt does not retract now he brought it in to honda and they sed that he would need to replace the whole seatbelt they quoted 92 dollars CAD or roughly 60 US to buy just the part and also around the same price to install. For sure i know how to install the thing however i just need to find the part for chear than 60 bucks and that is with our discount (cous is service mgr), my question is how much would you estimate this part at the wrecker's
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i doubt it would be significantly cheaper.

some junkyards have factory list manuals on hand and price their sheeit relatively close to prices quoted in those books
you could try they seem to be a little cheaper than the one dealer i go to sometimes. but then you have to consider shipping....but take a look and see how much it costs there. i'd just bite the bullet and get the new one.
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