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civic si vs civic Type R question

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Does anyone know exacticly the differences between the engines of the Civic Type R and the Civic Si? (USDM 160 hp si and European/JDM type R 200hp)
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Higher redline (7,400 vs. 6800)
Higher compression ratio (11.0 vs. 9.?)
european cars usually have a less restrictive exaust
anyone know the quarter mile time for the civic type r ?
so your telling the civic type r runs just as fast as the integra type r?
ok there is a huge difference between the us si and the jdm type-r the ctr has 185 hp with 11:1 comp the head is mildly ported and has more agressive cams and an lsd tranny the ctr is as fast as the itr because it weighs like 300 lbs less just my .02
new si runs mid 15s, type r runs 14.7.... i've seen stock ITRs run about that fast but are u comparing the NEW ctr to the OLD ITR?? the rsx Type S (itr in japan) runs mid 14s.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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