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a piston is a piston man. a type r piston isn't that much bigger that what you've got now. You'd have to BORE it out. YOu can search for MANY threads about this. But anyway, there's a LOT of stuff you can do for an ALL MOTOR build up... but most the people around these forums will QUICKLY tell you to get a swap or turbo or supercharger... you know why?/ because they have a swap. If posted time and time again as to why I personally think all motor kicks ass... but it's not the ONLY way to go, and I have respect for anyone who steps in the ring

whether they're sho, or go, or both. (swaps and forced indution included!)

read some of these threads... In the real world, I get a lot of respect, and you will to after you build the motor you've got. THere are just too many people doing thing the easier way. (That doesn't mean it's more expensive to go all motor.. lots of times it's cheaper) A TON of people see my side, but you'll see that a lot of people keep flaming me in disbelief... but I'll shut 'em up soon enough!!!!

there's also a N/A bolt-on forum.. read every thread you can!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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