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Anyone here Auto-Cross in the Greater Los Angeles area? I'd really like to get some people together so we can practice before season. Also, since I'm new to SCCA Auto-X I have a couple questions. I ordered the rulebook and some of the rules still confuse me. So, my question is can you guys clarify the exact rules on Stock Class Category G for me? It would be really helpful.

Stock Class Category G for a 1995 Acura Integra GS-R
1.1 Bodywork
I can't have anything like aftermarket wings, sideskirts, lips, bumpers, rear bumpers, sideskirts, etc.?
1.2 Tires
Tires are run on 195/55VR15 Yokohama ESV 100 Tires
1.3 Wheels
Wheels have to be stock size running on 195/55VR15 size tires?
1.4 Shock Absorbers
Aftermarket shock absorbers may be used as long as they cannot have more than two adjustment settings...does this mean that I cannot use coilovers because you can adjust three settings on them. Basically I have to run a stock shock absorber system?
1.5 Brakes
Stock brake system but, aftermarket pads may be used.
1.6 Sway Bars
Stock rear and front sway bars?
1.7 Suspension
Stock suspension system no modification?
1.8 Electrical
Stock electrical messing with the ECU?
1.9 Engine and Drive Train
-Will replace stock air filter with K&N Filter
-You cannot port and polish the head?
-Aftermarket exhaust can be applied from the catalytic converter down?
-What are water expansion and oil catch tanks?
-What are scattershields?
-What are silicone hose replacements?
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